First Time Boat Buyer

Buying your first boat shouldn’t be maddening.  This page is here to guide you.

Congratulations on your decision to spend your weekends and/or all your spare time on the water.   Lets get started with your boat hunt.

The first step is to identify your needs as a future boater.

  • Where will you be boating
  • Duration
  • Number of passengers
  • Water Type
  • What kind of Boating
  • Budget


Where Will You be Boating?

This is usually the first question I ask someone when they ask me about purchasing a boat. If the customer indicates they boat on a large lake and/or a lake with broad open areas I will point them to a larger boat.  The reasons being that the longer boat will bridge the crests and valleys of the larger waves, and the additional overall weight.  Weight is your friend on a rough day.  It allows the boat to cut through more of the water rather than bouncing off it.  Where you will be boating dictates the size of the boat.


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